Carpet Cleaning

Our method utilizes the latest technology to rejuvenate your carpets and our customers return to us time and again because we constantly deliver on our promise of exceeding their carpet cleaning expectations.

We realize that carpets experience lots of traffic, both in offices and homes, so they can get very dirty. 

Depending on regular vacuuming does not help you eliminate all the grime and dirt since deep inside the carpet fibers, lurk embedded dust, bacteria, and allergens, resulting in an unhealthy working or living environment. 

The best approach to keeping your carpets immaculate is through our thorough steam cleaning service. Choice Carpet Cleaning prevents dust mites, dirt, and allergens because we make use of deep hot water penetration and extraction. 

We are experts at cleaning and restoring your carpets, as well as eliminating hard-to-extract blemishes and unpleasant odors 

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our team of cleaners has been well-trained with up-to-date machine technology to deliver excellent surface cleaning and maintenance services regularly.

Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping your upholstery spotless and fresh is an effortless process with Choice Carpet Cleaners. 

Upholstery can harbor bacteria, allergens, dirt, along with pet hairs and odors. 

Merely using a vacuum cleaner to lift dust and ingrown dirt is inadequate because it sticks to the fibers inside; this is very unhygienic and can lead to allergies from an unhealthy environment. 

Employing a top-notch upholstery cleaning company that can deliver excellent results would be in your best interest.

Choice Carpet Cleaners use hot water extraction methods to flush out any hard-to-reach bacteria, dust mites, and dirt. 

When you engage our specialists, your upholstery will appear pristine and also smell fresh as if they have received a fresh lease on life.

Mattress Cleaning

We deep clean, sterilize, and refresh mattresses for hospitals, hotels, and homes.  When you engage our specialists, your mattress will appear pristine and also smell fresh as if it received a fresh lease on life.

Area Rug Cleaning

We are experts at using modern innovation to make your area rugs appear brand new.


Our cleaning products safely remove stains and extract any in-grown dirt from the finest rugs made from wool, silk, and other high-end materials. 

Auto Interior

Are you taking your family out for a trip with concerns about the condition of your car seats and carpets after an amazing day? 

Choice Carpet Cleaners can deep-clean everything for you.